Vilnius is the capital of the Republic of Lithuania. Naturally, it is the largest city in the country, with a population of 539,939 (806,308 together with Vilnius County) as of 2014. Vilnius is located in the southeast part of Lithuania and is the second biggest city of the Baltic states.

Vilnius is a beautiful city. The purpose of this page – to present the city as it can be seen. Maybe not exactly at the time when we are trying to see, maybe not in the places where we like to be. Vilnius – a really beautiful and green city. Visitors from the majority of foreign countries notes it.


No detailed information about Vilnius foundation date. Vilnius was first mentioned in written sources by Duke Gediminas 25 January 1323 in a letter written to German cities, which he called the Germans and Jews to move to Vilnius city. In 1387, Lithuania became a Christian state and Vilnius was granted the Magdeburg rights. The Old Town is one of the largest in Eastern Europe. In 1994 the Vilnius Old Town was included in the World Heritage List (No. 541) in recognition of its universal value and originality.

Vilnius – a really nice city. Website and photographer Vilius Zlotkus wishes You a fun photo tour of Vilnius city.